We love to hear what NovaPure Naturals has done for your skin!

I used it on a sore I had behind my ear that I've had for a long time and been using steroid cream for- this cleared it after a couple of uses, it really is a fantastic product

Amy Bond

Ive tried so many creams, face washes, prescribed medication to treat the acne on my face. Nothing has worked until i found this product. My irritation and redness is completely gone just using this a couple of weeks! Cruelty free and vegan aswell. Just an amazing product!!!


I just wanted to let you know that my daughter has been using the powder and feeling the benefit. She has kidney failure and has incredibly sore and itchy places on her skin as a result of toxins building up in her system. She has been using the powder and also taking some prescribed medication to help reduce the itching and the combination has definitely helped to soothe and lessen the redness. We just wanted you to know that your powder has definitely played a part in making her more comfortable. Thank you!
Best wishes
Lizzie and daughter, Anna, Carver

Lizzie Carver

Bought this for my daughter whom suffers with skin problems (from cold sores and eczema, as well as acne patches on her face) and it's cleared her skin up in no time at all, we're all astounded by how quickly it's worked!
We'll certainly be regular customers of yours!

Michael Grant

Fab product! I find it really soothes and calms any redness and soreness. Suitable for my little one too, his skin is very sensitive and eczema prone so I'm really fussy about what I use for him. I love that it's all-natural and eco-friendly. lovely company to deal with too, my first order was lost in the post and they replaced it for me straight away.

Amy Townsend-Blackman

Amazing Stuff.😯👏
This has 'cult product' written all over it, as it's a definite must have!

Mark L Peters

I wont be with out this now, every body should have this in there skin care kit!!
Spots? Novapure. Shaving rash? Novapure. Chaffing? Novapure. Baby has appy rash? Novapure! Any time theres some thing wrong with my skin I put this powder on it. I swear its magic!

Clare Grinnell

Has transformed my teenage daughters acne prone skin!
She has had acne flair ups over the last few years which are now under control.
Takes out the redness and inflammation away literally overnight!! Cannot recommend enough, ordered purely after a chance phone call with Anouska a few months ago, her passion for the product shone through and I gave it a try... my daughter raves about it everyday and it is her go to product now for a flair up! Thank you x

Vanessa Sears

I cannot believe what this has done for my feet, thank you so much!
Nothing has worked on my athlete foot before but this is something else! I can not say how thankful I truly am for finding this!

A. Harlowe

My daughter and I have used novapure naturals. It's absolutely amazing,I just had a few under skin spots they have more aless gone. Rhis had a spot under her nose 4 a long time, now its gone. U should be proud of ueself u have made a awesome product. Thanku.xxxx

Michelle H

This is an amazing product. My children and I have really sensitive skin. My daughter has been under a dermatologist for her skin for 3 years (she's 4) and this stuff has cleared up her skin in a couple of days of using it. It's also great for clearing up spots!
Definitely recommend 😍😍

Emily Laflin

What an amazing product, im literally shook!!
I cant believe what its done for the acne that was on my chest and so quickly too!

Imogen Allen

Love this product, it has cleared up a very stubborn patch of eczema that other creams haven't touched!

Lizzy Jeffrey

My baby boy has had newborn acne pretty much since his second week of life, he's now just shy of 15 weeks old and the spots just keep coming, I've had antibiotic cream prescribed which initially made a big difference to the horrible infected/crusty ones, but it seems to have not made a difference when getting rid of the last ones, I've also noted bigger nastier spots returning. I got a sample from Noosh and finally got around to trying it, (blame the baby brain, I forgot it was in the bottom of the changing bag! 🤦‍♀️)

Wow! What a difference his little cheeks don't look so inflamed and feel so soft compared to the roughness there was prior! I'm absolutely amazed at the difference in just one application! I'm definitely recommending to my friends and family!!

I've already requested to purchase a pot of this miracle powder! I think I'll be using it on myself after a nice pampering bath too! 😍

1st pic to show how bad it was before medicated cream,
2nd pic to show a day before applying Novapure Naturals talc. (A zoomed in pic so doesn't show the skin in focus, but you get the idea I'm sure!)
3rd pic to show the morning after the first application. I've already applied another application this morning since taking the picture!

Lucy Nixon

I recieved the NovaPure Naturals product this evening and omg I am obsessed already!! I put it straight onto my face and within seconds my face felt super smooth!! and it feels light on your skin too. I just used it on my little boy this evening after his bath and I cant stop touching his skin! lol this is definitely a regular purchase for me. LOVE IT x

Jessica Del Rae

I recently had the worst eczema I have ever experienced on my hands arms legs and face. A lady at work recommended I try novapure powder. Well this stuff may as-well be a miracle!! It had eczema that hadn't been healing for over 2 weeks clearing up within only a few days!! I highly recommend it!!!

Sian Storm Cullip

I absolutely recommend novapure naturals my little man was suffering so bad with terrible eczema, the doctors gave us products but it made it worse, and his eczema spread all over his body,
I messaged noosh for help and she was straight on the case, with fantastic recommendations and support, we bought 2 tests of the power and had to buy a big one the same day, we saw results straight away!
His eczema has already calmed down its turned to a really light pink, his skin is so much softer where it was so rough before and he isn't scratching like crazy,
He was also so chill when I was applying it unlike the cream the doctors gave me.
Thankyou so much novapure naturals
Really, thank you!!!

Vicky Randall

I have been using novapure naturals powder on my psoriasis for over a week now, im obsessed :) it has made a massive difference to my skin and my confidence! Its helped dull the itch the redness on my neck and scalp, it used to be angry and nasty, and i was fed up of using skin thinning products from my doctor, nova pure has been a god send ♥️♥️ in the process of ordering a bigger pack :) thank you so much for making a massive difference to my life :)

Aimee Beddoe

We recently received a sample of NovaPure Naturals and used it for Henry and it's cleared up his nappy rash from his teething poos and wees! Great product will be buying some as soon as it's available X

Donna Marie Atkins

amazing product. a little really does go a long way. i used it on my bikini line shaving rash ,it really helped clear up the redness . highly recommend this product. good for all the families skin.

Rhian Hazel

This product is absolutely amazing 🤩 my little girl has sore arm pits, and sore between the crease of her legs and it cleared it up very quickly 🥰 also used it on myself after shaving my arm pits, it reduced the stubble rash, definitely recommend and it's amazing for all the family.💜💜 100% 🎀

Kelly Jane Shepherd

After getting sun burnt and getting very bad blister, we started using Nova Pure Naturals, it cleared the blisters up within a few days of using it, you wouldn't even know there was anything wrong. I would 100% recommend this product. thankyou so much xx

Cat Laura Louise

So I suffer from outbreaks of shingles on the side of my face, I take anti virals, then I thought to use Novapure on it and wow it's bought down the swelling, itching and even the overall nastiness of it! I also use Novapure as part of my skin care, blemishes and any other skin irritation and if you're like me a little larger lol I get skin irritation between the legs and wow this is a god send! Due on with period spot! Works wonders!! I honestly can't recommend this product enough! I only bought a sample pot and it's still going! A little goes a long way! Thank you 😊

Kay Chant

Can't recommend this product enough!
Been using for just over 2 weeks now on my little one and the difference in her skin is unreal. Nappy rash has completely subsided and her skin has no more issues with redness and dryness on her back.😊 going to try it out on myself from now on too. Will definitely be re purchasing and recommending to friends (also it's very true as the website says a little goes a long way so will last forever!) 🥰

Terry Carling

I came across this product in vogue and decided to check it out. After reading what it promises i decided to buy some, and i have to say.. it's flipping amazing! I first used it on the spots i get around my chin and they pretty much vanished over night! I've also been trying it on shaving rash under my arms and it's been an absolute saviour for my skin!

Susan T

I have used Novapure naturals for several complaints for the kids and myself and it always comes up trumps! It really is a wonder powder!
*nappy rash
*dribble rash
*itchy patch on scalp
*on itchy hive rash
*chaffing thighs

Cassie Welch

I have been struggling with hormonal spots since July last year! I have tried everything even steroid cream wouldn't get rid of these bad boys! Thank you so much for your amazing magic powder you will go far with this! I can't thank you enough!
If anyone is struggling with spots, bad skin, eczema, nappy rash on your little ones? It's really not too good to be true this stuff works!!!❤
I actually can't get over how 1 it's worked 2 how fast it's worked!! Also taken the swelling down overnight! These photos are 24 hours apart!!😱 One very happy girly right now!!🥰