Our Story

Hey there, my name is Anouska, but many know me as 'Noosh'

Inspired by my youngest Daughter Nova, NovaPure Naturals is our mission to create natural, non toxic, vegan, environmentally friendly products that actually do what they promise without costing the earth!

Our first product is an all natural, talc free baby/ multipurpose powder, which was inspired by a glaringly obvious lack of non-toxic, eco friendly baby powders available in British supermarkets, even though I hopefully scoured the shelves with my fingers crossed in supermarkets and the high street.

Having used talc for my older daughters when they were babies, I never knew of the negative effects over a decade ago, but knew of them this time around due to my love of learning about natural healing, so was keen to use a natural alternative for our new addition to ensure that her health wasn't jeopardised, but that she also didn't get a rash from wearing nappies.

I took the search online, not having much luck until I tried Amazon.co.uk, and found that the only one I was happy to use on my baby girl was being sent from the US, which... Carbon footprint. Eep.

So I received the powder, and quite liked it, but was loathe to repeat my order because of the aforementioned issue, and because of the price tag that came with it (£13 for the product with £9 postage on top!). Then there was the notable fact that the packaging that housed the powder was made of plastic... which said that it was recyclable, yet I knew that my local council would not see this as an item that could be recycled, therefore would end up in the sea or on landfill.

As the search continued, I found a powder that had compostable packaging! hurrah! (hands in the air doing a little victory dance!), then on reading the ingredients, my victory quickly turned to defeat as my shoulders dropped... Bold as brass, right there, in the description of the ingredients, were the words 'TALC'.

It seemed that it was one or the other, I could not have both.
So I was inspired to create my own, using my knowledge of natural methods and nutrient/ minerals that I had accumulated over several years along the way of researching natural methods to heal myself. I knew what to use in the powder, but needed to work out the perfect formulation.
It took 9 months of playing alchemist to get the perfect ratio, but I had finally made a powder that I was happy with.

All the other previous batches were safe, using the same ingredients that I had started out with, but I experienced some awesome fails as I was playing with those ratios! (I once used slightly too much calendula in one batch that it turned Nova's bottom bright orange! But being a family that aims to reduce and eliminate waste, I used it up before trying another combination (Orange botty for a month, but she was little so wouldn't have noticed!).

I never had any intention of making the powder for other people, but after my best friend tried a little and asked me why I wasn't selling it (or rather lovingly told me off. Thanks Rhian!) mentioned that there were likely 'other mothers out there that would love this!', I decided to take steps to make it available to others.

I started giving out little tins for people to try, and found through feedback that my powder was not only effective for use during nappy changes, but it also gave incredible results for skin affected by Psoriasis! it also worked on spots and Acne, worked on Dribble rash, worked on Chafe, and found that it also worked on Eczema as well as Athletes foot! (my mind has been pretty blown at what this powder does for people!)

It's been a process getting to this stage, and I am incredibly proud and grateful of how far I've come, how much I've learned, how much I have acheived so far, all the while balancing being a single mother to three daughters and dealing with autoimmune disease and chronic fatigue, as well as all the other dramas and hurdles that leap into my arms for me to juggle.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes us next, as I have many other products in the pipeline and cannot wait to get them out to you, to see what you think.

Much love,

Noosh and Nova x